We carry out an analysis of your enterprise, its internal structure, interconnections and efficiency of operational processes in the areas of:

  • Purchasing and supplier management
  • Production design
  • Logistics and distribution
  • Marketing and sales strategies (distribution channels)
  • Human Resources management (incentives and remuneration system)
  • Financial management (planning, controlling, reporting)

Following this, we propose partial process/ organizational improvements in order to increase overall corporate performance.

We evaluate the financial background and economic rationale of your business. Is your revenue model and overall cost structure viable long-term? Is there any room to increase profitability and asset turnover. Any options to release cash? Do you spend money and invest where the core value is? We focus on:

  • Cost calculation and pricing
  • Overall cost optimization
  • Working capital adjustments
  • Capital structure optimization and financing options

We are proponents of systematic approach to cost management. Cost cutting should be prudent and always taking into account future business needs.