TA Management Ltd. was founded by former managers with C-level professional experience. This differentiates us from many consulting firms staffed with career advisors. Over the course of our corporate careers we were in frequent contact with consultancies as their clients. Often, we found  the "value" of provided consulting services questionable and not much of practical use. Therefore we understand certain disrespect many entrepreneurs and managers have for "management consulting". We believe in different kind of hands-on consulting. Thus TA Management, not TA Consulting.

We provide the following scope of services:

  • Performance improvement. Optimization of individual business processes and activities. Organizational advisory.
  • Strategic advisory. Advisory in the area of corporate/business strategy and development.
  • Turnaround management. Temporary takeover of management role aimed at rescuing distressed company (interim management).

Our typical client is a small or medium enterprise (SME) with sales of up to EUR 50 million. We do not have a strict industry specialization, however the majority of our clients are in B2B businesses.

We are of opinion that SMEs deserve better attention from management consultancies. Global advisory firms prefer big corporations that may afford paying for extensive theoretical studies, usually without much practical use. SMEs, on the other hand, demand clear and understandable business solutions bringing immediate payoff.

All our leading consultants have previous direct management experience. We strongly believe that those who dare to advise top management should have experienced the same responsibility themselves.

We do not measure our success by the number of clients but instead by obtaining long-term cooperation with our clients. This is how our clients are able to find out whether our advisory service is of tangible value to them.

We intend to grow with our clients. We are aware that to achieve this, our performance is to surpass a client’s expectations.

We believe in mutual trust, accountability and professionalism.

Ing. Michal Kusák, Ph.D.

Michal has an extensive experience in corporate finance (mostly M&A), corporate strategy and business development. As project manager he led vast transformation projects in Czech Airlines and Unipetrol (oil, petrochemicals, retail). Most projects had an international character. At the position of managing director he led turnaround of ambitious real-estate start-up owned by a reputable regional private equity group. He founded TA Management in 2013. Michal obtained Ph.D. in business administration and management at the University of Economics in Prague. He speaks English.